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Swimming Pool Weekly Service Packages

Gold Package

Full Service (K-4)

  • Water Tested & Chemicals Added Weekly
  • Pool Vacuumed, Brushed, & Skimmed Weekly
  • Tiles and Baskets Cleaned Weekly
  • Filter Cleaned As Needed

Silver Package

Full Service (K-2)

  • Water Tested, Chemicals Added and Pump Basket Cleaned Weekly
  • Pool Vacuumed Bi-monthly
  • Brushed and Skimmed
  • Tiles & Trim Basket Cleaned Bimonthly
  • Filter Cleaned as Needed

Bronze Package

Chemical Service (K-F-T)

  • Water Tested & Chemicals Added Weekly
  • Tiles & Pump Basket Cleaned Weekly
  • Filter Cleaned as Needed

Clean swimming pool

We also offer:

  • Diamond Brite Finishes
  • Repairs on All Pool Equipment
  • Heat Pump Installation
  • Salt Systems (Chlorine Generators)


When it is time to replace your Diamond Brite finish , waterline tile, marble spillway, glass block, or mosaic tiles, we here at Crystal Pool Services can do it all for you. Having over 36 years experience will insure that the work is done properly and we will put extra attention into all details so you are happy with the final job.

What to expect during this process:

  1. We will come out to pool, measure linear footage, square footage, check for cracks in structure and determine where we will drain the water that is in the pool.
  2. You will receive a written proposal with catalogue so all details are in writing and you can select your colors for Diamond Brite, tiles, marble spillway, and mosaics.
  3. Some pools will only need new Diamond Brite and we can leave the existing tiles.
  4. Once the work is approved we will schedule work and order all materials.
  5. Preparation of the existing finish for the new Diamond Brite is most important and requires sounding out the existing finish for any hollow areas. We do not charge extra for removing these hollow areas. We will also etch the old finish and pressure wash if needed.
  6. We use a liquid cement known as Bond Kote that is applied to the existing finish so that your new Diamond Brite will bond properly. At this time we will seal any areas in the pool that are common for leaks. We do not charge extra for this.
  7. New tiles and or mosaics will be installed after the Bond Kote.
  8. Diamond Brite is mixed on the job and applied to a smooth finish with trowels; within hours of starting, the finish is hard and we will start refilling your pool with water using our filter tank system to remove any minerals from the tap water.
  9. Over the next three days, we will balance all the chemicals and brush the walls and floor, cleaning the filter daily and cleaning up the deck and screening.
  10. For the next 30 days, we will service your pool weekly, keeping your chemicals balanced so as to protect your new Diamond Brite finish and in the fourth week we will raise the calcium hardness level.
  11. Diamond Brite has a ten year warranty on residential pools and 5 years on commercial pools, which is for the materials only. Crystal Pool Services can offer a five year labor warranty, provided that we are servicing the pool on a weekly basis. All other work has a one year warranty for both materials and labor.
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